Constant PvP – Minecraft Faction Server

Our server is a PvP, Faction based minecraft server where you can fight alongside with friends and allies to keep peace and a civilized society for all, or become a merciless dictator, raiding and killing any who get in your way.

We hold lots of PvP events and have some great plugins that provide fun for players of any skill level. Be sure to check out our PvP arena’s some of which are designed specifically for faction vs faction fighting. We also have Capture the flag and Mob Arena, all of which are built uniquely for Constant PvP.

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PvP and PvE Arenas

 Team Death Match is just one of many great plugins we have on our minecraft faction server. Duke it out with friends or challenge an enemy faction to a dual in our custom made arenas and decide whose faction has superior pvp skills. Take a break from mining and pvp, and fight off the hordes of mobs in our Mob Arena. We’ve got some great custom made Mob Arenas and new ones coming very soon!